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Erwin will be taking his pension next year on February 1, 2023.

We have decided to continue doing the work we love doing but there will be several immediate changes which are listed below.

Gradually we will get our website completely changed and up-to-date.


Our new atelier is almost ready and we will begin to move the machines and tooling, and all of the stock, parts & accessories from our shop. Once the setup is finished, we will close our business in Hampteau.

This property will be put up for sale – Interested ??

During the transition period, we will continue to work for our customers but we don't know exactly where we will be.

Please phone us during our business hours in Centrem, 6990 Hampteau : 084/21.04.39.

Or, you can phone us between 18:00h – 21:00h at Centrem, Vecpré : 084/32.21.07.

Once Centrem, 6990 Hampteau, has closed it's doors, then the situation will change.

We will work only with appointments (Sur rendez-vous uniquement  / Alleen op afspraak  / Nur mit Termin ).

You may phone us (084/32.21.07) for an appointment from Monday to Friday from 18:00h – 21:00h.

It will also be possible to contact us anytime by email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Centrem's new address: Vecpré 11, 6987 Hodister (Rendeux) – on the N888, Belgium.

Since we want to turn our job into a hobby, we will have no specific business hours.

Also, because we will have only limited space, there will be no “shop” to display parts and accessories.

Don't forget : by appointment only !! Please don't show up “uninvited” !! Tel: 084/32.21.07



Erwin's interest in working on his machines, making different parts, will continue, and he is not satisfied with any result unless it is perfectly made! He intends to expand his “talents” in the future. For example, he has just bought a “slotting machine” to be able to make gears (tandwielen / pinions).

This will allow him to repair gearboxes from old motorcycles, where certain gears are no longer available.

These are the Services that Erwin will continue to do when making new parts and repairing old parts : 

* * *      Lathe work / Tournage / Draaiwerk
* * *      Millingwork / Faisage / Freeswerk
* * *      Welding / Soudage / Laswerk
* * *      Complete Engine Rebuild / Révision / Revisie
* * *      Rectification / Rectification / Vlakken
* * *      Valves / Soupapes / Kleppen
* * *      Valve Guides / Guides / Klepgeleiders
* * *      Valve Seats / Sieges / Klepzetels
* * *      Cylinders & Pistons / Cylindres & Pistons / Cilinders & Zuigers
* * *      Gears / Pinions / Tandwielen


All parts, engines and motorcycles must be CLEAN when brought to our atelier !



* * * We will no longer be doing maintenance or be giving oil changes to any motorcycle ! * * *


We can supply you with anything you may need to do the job yourself : oil, oil filters, air filters, brake pads, spark plugs, fork seals, and anything else you may require.

We may consider doing a repair job, depending on what it is.

We would be willing to do any “customizing” job, such as installing a new handlebar, or replacing an exhaust system, BUT only if you buy the new parts from us.

We can order any part or accessory, and we still have a large stock ourselves. Just email us with any inquiry or question. Please provide us with all the information about the motorcycle.

If you want a special accessory for your bike, something that no one else has, we may be able to help by designing and making the part ourselves.


We will continue to provide “Service at it's best . . . at our new address !!”

Erwin & Carla, Centrem team