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Welcome to CENTREM's Project page!

We have customized many motorcycles in the last 20 years – “Bike Building” is our passion! This covers a wide range of modifications, complete rebuilds, reconditioning, overhauls, and anything else that is needed to meet with our customer's specifications and wishes. We have succeeded in bringing nice-looking, safe-riding motorcycles, and happy riders to our roads. CENTREM will help you to realize your ideas and designs! Please contact us for more info.

Before we start on a project, we discuss it with our customer to get a general idea of what he would like. Then, with each stage, we confer with him to get a more definite take on things, such as preference of parts, accessories, style and color. We prefer that our clients drop by on a regular basis to check out any changes that have been made. Simple corrections can still be made without too many problems. Finally, the exciting day comes when the bike is finished!

Here are some examples of the projects that we have done. The pictures from our older projects are of a lesser quality, being scanned from snapshots. We hope that you will enjoy viewing the pictures in the Projects section as much as we have enjoyed working on all of these motorcycles. We have since lost contact with most of these bikes and their owners, but if you recognize any of these bikes, and know what has become of them, send us an email!