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H-D FXWG – “Sixties style Shovelhead”

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A customer asked us to give his recently acquired H-D Shovelhead a new look. He wanted it ready before the summer's good weather started which didn't leave us with much time to work on it. We felt that the engine needed some work done but he wanted to delay this until later.

We got busy with the makeover, searching for, and ordering parts and accessories, modifying and making new ones. They included : a Pro-Clutch conversion kit, a Primary Belt drive kit, inner and outer primary polished covers and a vented primary cover kit. A black +8” O.S. Springer fork with a hydraulic spring fork damper replaced the origional fork. A new 2.5 x 19” front wheel was installed, including a Springer front disc brake set. A Fehling chrome, twisted Z-handlebar mounted on CENTREM made 3” round risers with cap, Avon blue “old school” grip set, K-Tech clutch lever and brake master cylinder set, and a “Triangle” headlight also found their places. A RST forward control set, a blue bicycle kickstart pedal and a CENTREM made side mounted license plate support with cat-eye taillight were then added. Paughco upswept head pipes with fishtail mufflers and a flexible exhaust head cover gave the bike a definite “sixties style” look. A Jagg slimline vertical oil cooler and an external spin-on oil filter kit were necessary for extra cooling. A LePera Rigid Baron seat and a “Captain America” style sissybar were the final touches to a good looking bike !

We had met our deadline, we were happy with the work that we had delivered, and most important, our customer was very pleased with the results – exactly what he had wanted ! 


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