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 Kawasaki VN1500SE 1990

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After selling our “Master Blaster”, the new owner had us make some changes. The forward controls were removed and replaced with a set of OEM foot controls. A cruiser handlebar took the place of the dragbar, the turnsignals were removed (a few years later he thought it would be safer to have turnsignals again), and the exhaust became a 2 in 1 race muffler. Then he decided to sell it to someone else but this bike was also “too much to handle” for the new owner, and it got stored away and forgotten. Such a shame for a bike that once won trophies for best looking and best performing chopper.

About 8 years ago, an old customer who also has a VN1500SE, contacted us and said that he had just bought our “Master Blaster”. He had seen it standing along the side of a road with a “ForSale” sign, and he decided to buy it. He was shocked at the deteriated state it was in and he had already spent 3 weeks just cleaning it. He wanted us to take a look at it and do what was necessary to revive this once beautiful bike. Since the engine needed urgent attention, we removed it from the frame and opened her up. The cylinders were bored and honed for oversize pistons and rings, and some valve work was done. All of the gaskets, seals and o-rings were replaced. The engine was also given a good cleaning, inside and out. The electrical problems were resolved with a new battery, alternator stator and a regulator. A lot of other little repairs were also made.

Our customer insisted that we return the exhaust to how it was when we had the bike – he wanted to hear the “Master Blaster growl” again. He also preferred riding with an apehanger handlebar so we installed a 14”.

It took a lot of work but the “Master Blaster” was back !







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