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H-D FXWG-80 1983

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A customer bought a Shovelhead which needed a lot of work done to make it a dependable bike to ride. He also wanted to change the looks, to make it his own.  We removed the engine and the transmission from the frame, and started with the overhaul of the tranny and kickstart. Many parts were replaced and some improvements were also made.

The engine was the next step, needing a complete rebuild. Some of the parts used included: new cylinders (1340cc) paired with a Wiseco piston kit, Rowe valves, valve guides and valve seats, Andrew's camshaft, rocker arms, a Dyna-S ignition and a Keihin CV carburetor with an old style air filter. We did everything necessary to turn it into a smooth running and a reliable engine. With the addition of a new swingarm, everything was reinstalled into the frame.

 We proceeded with making the changes that our customer had requested. A lot of new parts and accessories which included : a stainless steel rear wheel (4.50 x 15”) with a Metzeler tire (170/80 – 15”) and a BK Pro-comp 190mm rear fender, a Metzeler front tire (130/90 x 16”), and a BK Tribal 150mm front fender, RST Forward controls, new brakes and brake lines. A primary belt was installed plus new outer primary, derby, inspection and points covers. A 16” apehanger handlebar, 'Rail' grip set, Jaybrake black handlebar clutch and brake controls were added. A Le Para 'Bare Bones' solo seat, a black 'Maltese Cross' gas cap set, and a new dash cover were also among the finishing touches.



 A few Centrem made items were also included : a stainless steel sissybar, a set of black 2” round risers, and a black side-mounted license plate holder with a  narrow cateye taillight.

After a test ride and a few final adjustments, the 'new and improved' Shovelhead was ready !

Just seeing our customer's big smile made all the work and problem solving worthwhile, knowing that we had another satisfied customer !




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