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We wanted to discover just what the “Harley experience” was, and bought our Softail Custom in 1995. Unfortunately, we could only get our hands on a yellow and black one, but we agreed that if we ever saw another one like it, we would have it spray painted satin black. Two years later, we had our “Blacky”! We've made many changes since then to make the bike “our own”.

We started out by changing the exhaust system to 2 1/4” Upsweep Porker Pipes, the seat got replaced with a Cobra flat seat, we changed to chain & sprockets instead of belt & pulleys, swapped the OEM handlebar with a high apehanger and removed the turnsignals.

We decided to get rid of the rear full wheel and replaced it with a 3.50 x 16”, 40-spoke wheel. We also installed a new SJP black Triple tree with a rake of +6° and 2” longer inner fork tubes. A Flyer bar mounted on Centrem-made risers was added, along with Centrem-made grips, a chrome oval mirror, GMA handlebar controls and two 4 1/2” chrome driving lights mounted on a Centrem-made bracket. The license plate was moved to the left side of the bike.

Everytime that you make changes to your bike, it results in having to, or wanting to make other changes. With installing the 6° rake Triple tree, we did not like the 21” front wheel anymore.We replaced it with a 3.00 x 16” wheel, and added a BK Tribal front fender. We also made a“shorty” sissybar. Now we were becoming satisfied with the looks of our “Blacky” !

Installing a 5-speed kick starter was our next project. Though it was possible with the Porker Installing a 5-speed kick starter was our next project. Though it was possible with the Porker Pipes, we also wanted to add Saddlebags which was not possible with the Upsweep pipes.We had many good experiences fitting Vance & Hines exhaust systems to both Harley and Japanese bikes. We found the V&H Classic II Exhaust System for Softail which would allow installation of a kickstarter. Our Blacky was then tuned and modified, adding a K&N air filter.

We made saddlebag supports, moved the license plate back to the rear fender, and decided to try another handlebar because the Flyer bar was too wide. A 82mm wide Dragbar on black 6” high Centrem made risers was our new choice. Also a black square mirror and black rubber grips were added, and the foot controls were extended.

Next we added a Centrem made large luggage rack and a Fehling handlebar rack. The high Sissybar was reinstalled, and the Centrem-made risers were changed to polished ones. We also decided to replace the Cobra seat with a much more comfortable Le Pera seat. The passenger also received mini Centrem-made floorboards.

Our Blacky is an important member of our family, and we are very pleased with the results and the performance. In our opinion, the Evolution series is the best that H-D ever produced ! It's been a good experience, and will continue to be for many more years to come. 




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