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 Suzuki GSF600S 1999

Project-l Bandit img s

Our customer wondered if we could make some changes to his Bandit, giving it more of a “Streetfighter” look. He gave us the details, and we started work on it, insisting that he drop by on a weekly basis in order to check on our progress and maybe alter an idea.
We stripped the rear side, taking measurements and making adjustments. We installed the new sub-frame adding the necessary reinforcements and final touches.



When this was finished, we commenced with the other alterations and modifications. This included fabricating a new battery box, modifying the fuel tank and the seat attachments to the sub-frame, installing and connecting dual round LED taillights, modifying the exhaust system, relocating the rear master cylinder, removing the air box and replacing it with four power filters, rejetting and synchronizing the carburetors, and installing a new license plate holder.



Our customer was certainly amazed with the results, and appreciated that every detail was perfectly accomplished. He later admitted that he hadn't realized that the few changes would involve that much work. . . but he was happy !



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