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 H-D FXWG-80 1980 + KAWASAKI ZXR 750K 1992

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There was a huge amount of work to be done on this motorcycle – almost everything had to be improved or repaired or changed or overhauled to achieve a good, safe bike. Our customer was happy to give us the whole project but there was a catch. He wanted the upside down front fork, and the wheels from a Kawasaki ZXR750K built in to his H-D FXWG-80 or, no go. This posed a problem because the fork was 5cm too short (with no oversize lengths available) to bring the motorcycle level. After making some technical drawings, we found a way to adapt the front fork to his bike. We made a special triple tree that lowered the original fork 5cm. 


Our customer was very pleased with the results, and he wanted us to continue with the rest. We gave the engine and the transmission a complete overhaul, correcting mistakes made in the past. We added a Keihin CV carburator with a 7” round air cleaner assy. which improved performance. New wheel axles were made and the Kawasaki wheels were installed with the necessary modifications. Forward controls were modified for extra comfort, and passenger footpegs were also installed. The wiring harness was completely renewed and a lot of small repairs were also carried out. New brake lines were added, plus a few new accessories such as a cruiser handlebar, flame grips and skull mirrors. Our customer finally got his special bike.



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