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Suzuki VS1400 1992

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After buying his Intruder secondhand, our customer came to us with ideas of how he wanted to “make this motorcycle his”. We discussed the various possibilities, came to an agreement and had him bring the bike to our shop. When seeing the Intruder for the first time, we knew that it needed a lot more work than just customizing it. After inspection, we made up a list of “things that should be done”, and showed it to the owner, saying that it was better to be able to ride the bike without worries than standing at the side of the road with your nice-looking bike beside you wondering how you would get home. He said that it would be worth putting in some extra hours of overtime!

We stripped the motorcycle and removed the engine. With the help of our sand blaster and a coat of paint, it looked a lot better already. The engine was the only good working part on the whole bike.


 We then started with the clean-up, getting rid of the rust, giving it a complete servicing, and adding new parts such as an Evo rear fender with stainless steel fender struts, a solo seat, a polished 4° wide triple tree, a drag bar handlebar, forward controls, and chrome tear drop mirrors. The lower fork legs were polished, and new P.S. 412 cruiser shocks were installed. Our customer wanted as many CENTREM-made parts added as possible so we went to work making aluminium hand grips with a satin finish, rectangular 5” Intruder risers, a 4 1/2” dual headlight / turnsignal bracket, a mini speedo & LED indicator lights holder, and a dual mini cateye license plate bracket. The fuel tank, both fenders and the engine covers were spray painted black. After putting everything back together, the results were amazing! Our customer got his special, safe, good riding, good looking bike – he was very pleased!




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