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 H-D FXST 1340cc 1988 – 18” O.S. Stretched Frame

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After discussing our customer's “Dream-cycle” in detail, we worked out the best way to undertake this project. We found a H-D FXST 1340cc Evolution Softail in good condition, for a good price and we were able to use a lot of the parts. We ordered a special 50° Softail Chopper Frame with a wide 230mm swingarm. We then transferred the engine, the primary case and the transmission to the new frame.    After making adjustments and modifications, everything fitted perfectly, and even at this point, the bike was looking good!

We continued adding parts that needed frame modifications such as the fuel tank and the fender struts, etc. Then we added an adjustable Wide Glide Triple Tree with the original front fork (just temporary). Later 18” O.S. inner fork tubes were added. A 5.5 x 15” black powder coated steel rear wheel with stainless steel spokes and a Metzeler 200/70-15 Marathon rear tire, and a 2.15 x 21” black front wheel with stainless steel spokes and a 80/90-21 Marathon front tire were then added to the bike. So far, so good, and it was time to disassemble the bike and have the frame black powder coated. While waiting for this to be done, we took the engine apart, inspected it and found that it needed only new gaskets and seals, and over-size pistons. By the time we finished with the engine (it looked next to new!), the frame was ready.

We carried on, installing everything that a motorcycle needs, adding a few requested, special accessories such as a derby cover with large and small skulls, CENTREM-made risers with cap, a CENTREM-made license plate holder 'Maltese Cross', a CENTREM-made sissybar, the base of the seat which would be covered with leather and decorated, Maltese Cross chrome mirrors, a 12” ape hanger handlebar and a 'Teardrop' air cleaner assy. Our customer wanted a chrome, 5-speed, heavy duty kickstart kit, which we installed and adjusted. After a last few finishing touches, and a test ride, the motorcycle was ready for the technical inspection. This bike became a real “crowd pleaser” – it looked great but it was also very easy to ride!

Note: this was the last motorcycle that we had technically inspected. Since then the rules and regulations have changed and it's very difficult to have a “self-built” or “import” approved.



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