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RevTech 100 cu. in. Hardtail - U.S.A. Import: Part 2

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This is one of the two motorcycles that our customer imported from the U.S.A. (the “S&S Softail 95 cu.in. is the other one).    A show bike may look great but that doesn't mean that it rides well.


This motorcycle needed a lot of work done, to get it to a decent state to ride, but first we concentrated on the technical aspects so it would pass the inspection. After the initial exam, we decided that it would be best to build a complete new wiring harness – the present one was hopeless ! We corrected all of the electrical problems, added a digital speedometer with rocker box attachment, and made sure that it was ready for the technical control.


 After our customer received the new documents, he asked us to revert a few things to the original state, and to add a CENTREM-made side-mount license plate holder with a dual mini cateye taillight. We also suggested a few other changes which would improve the ride, such as adding an oil cooler since the engine became too hot too quickly.

We were satisfied that we were able to make these two motorcycles safer and easier to ride!



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