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H-D XLH1200 1988 Softail Sportster

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 After discussing the wants and wishes of our customer, we started on this project, with one big difference. We would have to have this “new” motorcycle officially inspected and approved to aquire the necessary documents for registration. Certainly a real test of our capabilities!

We found a good priced H-D XLH 1200 from 1988 with a sound engine and transmission, and we began moving all useable parts to the new SCS 40° XL Softail X-wide frame.    We added P.S. Adjustable shocks, a RST 6° Wide Glide polished Triple Tree with a +4” front fork/slider tube assy, an Akront 15 x 5.00” rear wheel with a Metzeler 170/80-15 ME88 tire, and an Akront 16 x 3.50” front wheel with a Metzeler 130/90-16 ME880 tire.

A Flatside 5 gallon fuel tank, a Fatbob rear fender and a BK Tribal front fender were then installed. Gradually, after everything was assembled and connected, adding CENTREM-made 3” round handlebar risers and a few other accents, and the bike was ready for it's test run. After a few adjustments, we were pleased with the results. The motorcycle was then dismantled completely. The frame was powder coated and the fuel tank and fenders were spray painted.

The motorcyle was reassembled, making adjustments and a few changes, getting it ready for the technical inspection. The bike was given an extensive examination and finally we got the results : it had passed with flying colors and we received the necessary documents to register the “new” motorcycle ! We then added a CENTREM-made “H-D” side-mounted license plate holder.

Our customer was thrilled, and even more so after his first ride!



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