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H-D FXRS 1985

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Customizing a motorcycle is not as easy as it seems. There are things you have to consider when making changes. Most important is to keep the bike easy to handle and safe to ride.

One of our customers found this out the hard way when he changed the frame headstock and installed a long front fork on his bike. He failed to consider that altering the steering geometry, rake, trail and offset, changes the handling and the ride of the motorcycle, and as a result, his FXRS was next to impossible to steer. He came to us for advice, and we came up with a plan.

We started out with a new Pro-Street frame, X-Wide Pro-Street swingarm, a 41mm front fork with 16” O.S. fork tubes, and an adjustable triple tree. We moved everything from his FXRS to the new frame and we were able to use most of the parts, making adjustments, alterations or modifications along the way. We succeeded in building the motorcycle that he had always wanted, being easy to handle on straight roads and in turns.




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