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A customer was satisfied with the performance of his Sportster 1200 but it was too small for his size. We suggested that we could rebuild it into a SCS Softail frame for Sportsters which would give him the room he was looking for. After a few detailed discussions, he became convinced that this would be the perfect solution, and we went to work on it, following his wishes.

We began transferring all usable parts to the new 40° X-Wide frame kit, adding P.S. Softail shocks, an Akront chrome rear wheel 15 x 5.00” with a Metzeler 170/80-15 tire, a polished front fork slider/tube assy. +6” O.S., a Revolution triple tree set, and a pulley and belt set.




Then we added parts from our customer's wish list : a Smoothie air cleaner kit for the Keihin CV carb, a BK 135mm Tribal front fender, a 8.5” wide rear flat fender, a Mustang 4.5 gallon gas tank with dual caps, a “Chevy” taillight, an OTC a kickstand “Miss Kitty”, and a speedometer with trip meter attached with a Centrem-made bracket.



We also did a few repairs and made some alterations. Once the bike had been test driven and inspected, it was then completely dismantled. The frame was powder coated, and the gas tank and fenders were spray painted : black ! After everything had been carefully reassembled, we added a few CENTREM-made stainless steel nuts and bolts to finish off the job. Our customer was happy and satisfied with the results!




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