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E.C.N. PANHEAD Replica

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Our customer wanted us to build a dependable, “modern version” of a H-D Panhead. We started gathering good quality parts for the assembly. The engine would be 1340cc including a Delcron crankcase, STD cylinder heads, Crane camshaft, Wiseco pistons, S&S oil pump and carburetor, with a RevTech 4-speed transmission. These would be built into a Santee rigid wishbone frame with a repro springer fork, a black retro panhead headlight, a 21” front wheel and a 16” rear wheel. Also, we gave the bike a modern front brake and a spin-on oil filter.

Centrem made a few special parts such as the risers which supported the high apehanger handlebar, the sixties style sissybar, the footpeg sets for both the driver and the passenger, the battery box, the exhaust header pipes, the side mounted license plate, and a few other special bolts and covers.

We made many improvements, and this bike passed all of our test drives. Our client insisted on a foot clutch (which they call a “suicide clutch”) and a hand shift, as in the “old days”, and we provided him with these features.


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