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 Triumph + Norton = Triton

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This has certainly been our long-term project. We bought the 1959 Triumph Tiger 110 650cc OHV Twin about 15 years ago. One of the former owners had attempted to build a “sixties chopper” but failed to do a proper job. This suited our plans to build a Triton, and a couple of years later, we found a Norton Featherbed frame and some other parts in the UK.

We first modified the Norton frame for the Triumph engine and gearbox, making the necessary support plates for both the engine and the gearbox. A chain tensioning system was developed for the primary chain by making it possible to move the gearbox. The beginning of our Triton was now realized.

Gradually this project became a “winter work” and during the next few years, between customers, we were able to make a little more progress. We made a gear change system and a rear brake system along with footpegs. The kickstart arm was altered to pass the gear selector and the footpeg. The exhaust pipes were modified to fit the Norton frame and “Old style” short mufflers were mounted. The carburetors were completely restored. About the last thing that we were able to achieve was the building of an oil tank, including a Kawasaki primary oil filter, adapted to the space available.

Busy times at CENTREM and it's been a couple of years since we've been able to continue with our Triton project. Things do change and we're not certain if we still have the desire to finish this bike or sell the package as it is now. A dilemma!

Actually there's not that much more to do : have the magneto rebuilt, have the seat recovered, have the paintwork done and a few other finishing touches. Well, only time will tell how this story ends – hopefully with our good-looking Triton !



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