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Motorcycle Customizing

A motorcycle rider likes to make his bike his own, to make it different from a standard model. This can range from making a small change to rebuilding the motorcycle completely. We have customized many motorcycles in our time, following our customer's specifications. We do insist on keeping the motorcycle safe to ride no matter what changes are made, and we will always give our customers good, solid advice, and make alternative suggestions. We try to work towards finding the best solution and finding the right parts and accessories.

Please check out our Projects section for more complex “Bike Building”. When a motorcycle reaches the age of 10 years, it becomes difficult to find specific parts and accessories. We are able to fabricate some accessories like forward controls and luggage racks, etc. Sometimes we can use universal products, and then adapt them to fit the bike. Whatever the case, we will always do our best to provide good results.

Wanting to change or modify something on a motorcycle is not always a simple operation. For example, a customer may want a wider rear tire. Depending on “how wide”, a new rim will be needed, then a wider wheel axle, a wider rear fender, maybe a new seat. The swingarm may have to be modified and the belt or chain put offset. We will always discuss any customizing with the customer in detail first, that he knows exactly what the job involves.
Here are a few examples of simple changes that we have made to different motorcycles.


H-D XL 1200C 2005 : RST Wide Glide Triple Tree assy. / 3.00 x 16” Wheel / Fender
Installation, Modifications, Finishing touches : CENTREM-made parts


CENTREM-made : Complete Foot Controls Set for a BMW R100 from 1981

CENTREM-made : “Exclusive” Luggage Rack for a Suzuki C800 Intruder from 2005


Modification for Rear Wide Tire (1) : H-D XL 1200C from 2000


Installation of New Turnsignals on a Suzuki VS 1400 Intruder


Modification for Rear Wide Tire (2) : Yamaha XV 1700 Roadstar Warrior


Modification for Rear Wide Tire (3) : Yamaha Xv 1600 Wildstar from 2005


CENTREM-made Risers + Superbike handlebar for a Yamaha YZF 1000R from 1997


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