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Front Fork Conversion : installing a fork from a Kawasaki ZXR 750 on a H-D FXWG-80

A customer with a Harley Davidson FXWG-80 from 1980 contacted us with a complete project : an overhaul of the engine and transmission as well as a rebuild of the bike itself. He had one condition : that we could install the front, upside-down fork, and the front and rear wheels from a Kawasaki ZXR 750 which he would supply.

The wheels presented no real problem but the front fork did. It was 5cm too short, and lowering the bike to keep it horizontal posed a problem with safe riding, so this was no option. After careful consideration and a lot measuring and research, we came up with a solution, one that we had never seen before. We designed a Centrem-made “Triple Tree Conversion Set”.

The “top surfaces” have been made in two levels, the fork tubes being attached on the 5cm lowered section, making up for the short fork. This Triple Tree set with accessories was completely designed and manufactured by CENTREM from the best quality of aluminium. You can find more information and pictures from this motorcycle in our Project section.




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