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Remake / Modification of the Clutch Pressure Plate for a H-D FX 1200 from 1973

A customer from The Netherlands was on vacation in this area and happened to drop by our shop. We got to talking, and being very impressed, he decided to bring his motorcycle to us to have everything fixed. After careful examination, we reported our findings to the customer. It needed a lot of work done – different repairs and a complete cylinder head overhaul.

The clutch wasn't working properly and we found that the “homemade” clutch pressure plate was totally inadequate.    We set out to make a new one with the necessary improvements. Sometimes making even a simple part involves many procedures, as you will see in the following example pictures.
Finally the H-D Shovelhead was completely finished and our customer came to pick it up and drive it back home to The Netherlands. He phoned us after he got home and he said that it was the best ride he had ever had with his bike – everything worked perfectly!





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