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Valve Seats / Sieges / Klepzetels

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Valve seats are important for the longevity of a valve because they draw heat away from the valve, providing most of the cooling that a valve gets. Replacing worn or damaged valve seats is often necessary when rebuilding a cylinder head.

This is not a simple operation, and it requires several steps and important decisions, all which affect the final result. Our valve seat cutting machine definitly helps with giving us the accuracy we need when cutting new seats or recutting older seats. It's not always the case, when rebuilding a cylinder head, that everything needs to be renewed.

We would be glad to give you an evaluation and some good advice.

Seat Cutting

Kawasaki VN 1500 SE Vulcan


Seat Cutting


Honda VF 1100C V65 Magna

Seat Cutting


FN 500cc  M67  1933

Seat Cutting


BMW Racing Car 6-cyl. 24 Valve



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