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Complete Engine Rebuild / Révision / Revisie

A secondhand motorcycle usually has something wrong with it. We advise our customers to have the motorcycle completely serviced first, checking for things that need to be repaired, before making changes to the “looks”. Making sure that the bike is in good running condition is much more important than having one that looks good at the side of the road !

We have done many overhauls through the years, each time giving our customer a good start when building his own “special bike”. Also, we have given some motorcycles a “second life”, ready for many more years of good service. It's worth the extra expence to ride problem-free.

Here are some examples of engines that we have rebuilt, including pictures of the finished motorcycle which our customers did a good job on, sometimes with a little help from us.


Complete Engine Rebuild : “La Perle” Sachs 150cc 1956


Complete Engine Rebuild : NSU LUX 200cc 1954


Complete Engine Rebuild + Front Fork Adaption : H-D XLH 1000 Ironhead 1984


Complete Engine + Transmission Rebuild: H-D 45” Liberator 1947 (WLA 750 Side Valve)


Complete Engine Rebuild : H-D FLH 1200 1974




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