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Repairs / RĂ©parations / Reparaties

We repair a huge variety of things as long as it has to do with mechanics. Most things can be repaired or remade. If there is a problem, then we will find it, and fix it using our experience, skills, machines and special tools. Don't be too hasty to throw something away!


Repair 6 VN1500G1 a1 img   Repair 5 CB500T a1 img sml    Repair-4 pulley-a1 img 
Repairs Kawa VN 1500-G1   Repairs Honda CB500T    Modification Pulley H-D 
 16 pictures   8 pictures
   10 pictures 
 Repair-3 drum-1 img    Repair-2 poirier-1 img   Repair-1 clutch-a1 img
Repair Shift Drum Derbi   Repair Wheel Axle Poirier   Remake Clutch Plate H-D
4 pictures   6 pictures   18 pictures


Please keep checking out our website – there is more to be added in the future!