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Lathe Work / Tournage / Draaiwerk

Our lathe provides the possibility to make all sorts of things. We can re-make old parts that are no longer available, we can make exclusive accessories for motorcycles, and parts such as spacers and shims to help get things to fit perfectly. This machine helps us to adjust sizes of parts, and to make all sorts of adapters, special nuts, bolts and even special tools.

Each new job is a challenge which we welcome, and we pride ourselves in doing precision work. There is nothing better than a satisfied customer!

Here are some examples of Lathe work that we have done in the past. Sometimes the Milling machine also comes into play for the finishing touches.


lathe-1 bmw-1 img

  Lathe-2 axle-1 img-sml   Lathe-3 air-1 img-sml
Cylinder Head BMW   Hydraulic Axle & Nut   Backing Plate Conversion
4 pictures   6 pictures   6 pictures
Please keep checking out our website - there is more to be added in the future!