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CENTREM-made Accessories

Are you looking for a certain accessory for your motorcycle but you can't right find it ?    Or, are you looking for something exclusive that no one else has ? We may be able to help ! Just drop by our shop with your bike, and we will see what we can do for you.

Accessories are fairly easy to find for most popular and current motorcycles, but what about the older bikes ? We may have a solution for you ! We have the experience and know-how of making parts for motorcycles, etc., ranging from handlebar risers to side-mounted license plates. They are made from the best quality aluminium or stainless steel. If you have an idea or prefer that we design something for your motorcycle, please contact us. If you wish, we will also install it on your bike to make sure that it fits perfectly.

Please remember that if you want to change something on your bike, this may cause a chain reaction. For example, if you want to have an Apehanger handlebar installed, you will have to have brake lines, clutch, throttle/idle cables, and wiring cables lengthened, plus a new grip set. It's not always simple, but never impossible ! Centrem will certainly help to fulfill your wishes !

Here are some examples of CENTREM-made accessories that we have made in the past. You will find more under the Projects section, coming soon. Through the years, things have changed. For example, the size and shape of license plates, but with a few alterations, they can be made for the new plates too.

Exhaust Tips + Shock Absorber Cover Set for H-D XL 883C Custom 2004


Aluminium Grip Sets : Possible in different designs, sizes and finishing


Floorboards / Footpegs Sets : Just one example of what is possible


Nuts & Bolts : Almost every conceivable size, design and application


Lights : Special brackets for headlights, spotlights, turnsignals and taillights


Covers for H-D Cylinder Head Bolts and H-D Nose cones, etc.


Handlebar Risers : Different shapes and sizes – whatever you need or want !


License Plate Supports : Many more variations possible!
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