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Other Services

This may include a wide variety of jobs, or with other words, “the leftovers” ! We have worked on various garden tools and kitchen appliances – we will try to fix anything mechanical but but sometimes things are beyond repair. Please contact us with any questions.

We have done complete rewiring of motorcycles which takes time, knowhow and patience to get it right. Many motorcycles, that arrive here at our shop, have wiring harnesses which have been tampered with by persons lacking the knowledge or materials to do the job properly. They cause more harm than good, and it is sometimes a long process for us to track down, and repair the problems. We can also modify the wiring, and add or change different lights.

“Made in China “. There are lots of them out there, and buying one is asking for problems. We often get requests to fix these quads, dirtbikes, pitbikes, scooters or mopeds but because of the inferior quality, everything needs attention, alteration, modification, repair or new parts.

We don't usually work on bicycles but a customer came to us with a special request. He wanted his grand-daughter, who is blind, to experience riding a bike like other kids do. After buying this bike, and having training wheels mounted, he felt that more was needed. He asked if we could install the “parent handle” which he had bought for another model of bike. We made the necessary alterations, making sure that everything was safe, and our customer was very happy with the results!
Modify / Repair Wiring Harness from a 1983 Honda GL 1100I Goldwing

Search / Repair all Errors in Wiring Harness from a Yamaha XVS 1100 Dragstar
Complete Repair / Improvement of a Masai A450 Quad
Bicycle Modification
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